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Rag and Bone jeans and T-shirt, Urban Outfitters Jacket, New York CityRag and Bone high waisted jeans and t-shirt, Urban Outfitters jacket, flowers, New York Rag and Bone jeans, Urban outfitters pink jacket, Jcrew shoes, flowers, New YorkRag and Bone jeans, Hydrangeas, Urban Outfitters jacket, Jcrew shoesRag and Bone high waisted jeans. Rag and Bone T-shirt. Urban Outfitters Jacket. Central Park. New York City. Hydrangeas, White Rag and Bone T-shirt. Urban Outfitters pink jacket. blonde hair Rag and Bone light washed, high-waisted Jeans. Jcrew shoes. Rag and Bone white tee shirt. High waisted Rag and Bone jeans. Hydrangeas. Madison Square Park. New York City

Rag and Bone Top & Jeans (these jeans are my new obsession) | Urban Outfitters Jacket | Jcrew sandals (similar Fall version here)

This September I had the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week. This has been a lifelong dream of mine. I am beyond grateful that I finally had the opportunity to go! My, oh so talented, photographer, assistant, fellow New York obsessor, and best friend Macie  came along with me which made it even better. If i’m being honest, we had to try so hard to keep our cool and not act like giddy little girls. While at Fashion Week, we attended a few shows, some RewardStyle events, the Like to Know it party, and had some really exciting meetings.

Macie and I grew up together as dance sisters as well as shopping partners in crime.. we have issues, depending how you look at it. It felt surreal to now be going on work trips with her. It’s like I blinked and all of a sudden we were old enough to be doing something like this (I’ll talk more on fashion week later). We found some serious clothing gems out in the city and I can’t wait to share them with you. This outfit is the first.

After attending the RewardStyle penthouse party, we stopped by Rag and Bone to find these gorgeous high-waisted, light wash, pink stitched jeans. Mace and I died the second I put them on. But, once I Paired them with this white tee, we were sold. I couldn’t wait to put the whole outfit together and roam the city. As we head in to colder weather, add the jacket, maybe even a sweater, switch the shoes and you’d be good to go for the upcoming Fall season.

Although these are my new favorite jeans, I do realize they are a little spendy. So, I wanted to give you a few similar, less expensive versions here, here, here, and here


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Xo, Meg






Dress: The Stock Place | Sandals: Madewell (similar here)

Today was my LAST first day of school at Brigham Young University!! This morning I cried because i’m so sad it’s almost over and also because i’m excited and can’t believe the end is in sight. I’ve worked so hard, learned more about myself, life, and the things that really matter in the past 4 years, than ever before. I can honestly say, I am not the same girl I was when I first stepped foot on campus (and not just because i’m no longer 18 haha).  Which makes me super grateful.

Looking back, life seemed so easy, which is probably why people say to me, “enjoy these relatively care-free years of your life”. But, one more semester, and a study abroad later, I will be done with “those years”. It makes me nervous but also excited. Just like they say in Finding Neverland, why do we have to “grow up” and take life so seriously?  Why can’t life always be “relatively care-free” if we make it that way? It’s easier said than done. Especially because back when I first entered BYU the most important things to me were how cool people would think I was, would people want to be my friend? What would I major in, what and how many boys liked me, how many dates I went on, how well I did in my ballet class that day, and making sure I was hitting perfect pirouettes for Cougarettes. I’m not gonna lie, I still worry about those things but, 4 years later, I don’t care as much to impress people, or what anyone thinks of me. I love who I am and feel very confident in myself and my capabilities. I also try to take myself a little less seriously. Life is too short to be so stressed about what people think of you and how many people are gonna like you. Plus, if someone doesn’t like you, it is their problem, not yours! It’s so much more important to take into account how you make people feel, do you make others happier and more alive by being around you? Are you kind, loving, a hard worker, do you love yourself and others, are you happy? Do you twirl around in the mountains in a ruffle dress just because it makes you feel happy? (guilty). Those are the most important things in life and I feel very blessed to have learned that over the years at BYU. I’m proud to say, I am a much better person today than I was 4 years ago.  So, here is to growth, my last semester, giving my all, and making the rest of my life just as fun and “carefree” as it is now.

Go do yourself a favor, buy this dress, twirl around, and remind yourself that no matter how dark life may get or seem, it can always be made fun, “carefree”, and oh so happy. It is simply a choice. Choose happiness.


Xo Meg








Outfit Details:

Jumper: Asos (similar here & available in tall here) | Tee: Madewell | Sneakers: Greats | Socks: Madewell

Happy Labor Day Everyone! I recently partnered with Greats Footwear & I’m honestly obsessed. These sneakers are high quality, comfortable, and I love what they stand for as a company. “We’re a tribe of thinkers, doers, movers and makers. Each is their own. All Greats. #BEONEOFTHEGREATS”. I was drawn to them because of this idea. I want to promote greatness in all of us. Each person has something great and different to offer to the world. Whether your greatness is put into making or rocking an awesome pair of sneakers, or it’s being a mother or a father, working hard at something you love, or even volunteering in a developing country, each is unique, each is great in it’s own way.

Go out and share your greatness with the world! Have a happy Labor Day!

Xo, Meg




Transitions and Change

Outfit Details:

Top: Madewell | Pants: Madewell (on sale!!) | Shoes: Madewell (on sale)| Jewelry: Madewell

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a hard time with transition and change. For example- skinny jeans. When skinny jeans first began gaining popularity, I told my mom I would absolutely never wear them. Within six months all I wore was skinny jeans, and my old bootcut jeans were nowhere to be found.  More recently, I had similar feelings about flare starting to make its retro appearance again. I thought to myself, ‘Nope. No way. I will never.’ A few months later and here I am rocking them on the weekly and feeling fabulous and far-out. These jeans are my perfect transition piece going from summer fashion to now fall fashion. I struggle knowing what to wear in the early weeks of fall because even though the leaves are changing colors, it is still blazing hot outside. If I were to add a cardigan and scarf right now, it would be the end of because I would no longer be living. I am having the same problem as I am meticulously selecting outfits for my attendance to New York Fashion Week this Fall. Eeekk!  My not-yet-cooled-down Fall solution? A good pair of crop jeans. Bonus points if they are Madewell . They say, “Hello Fall, I love you,” without compromising your body temperature or sense of fashion.

Going back to the topic of change- I think the majority of people in this world do not whisper, “Everything to change,” as they blowout their birthday candles. Consistency is comfortable. Predictability is safe. Routine is easy. After three or four years of my life being steady and known, it is now changing. I expected it would, because they say, “change is the only constant in life.” But in my comfort, I had forgot just how uncomfortable change can be. Just when I sit back and relax into my routine, I get the rug pulled out from under me by the strong winds of change once again. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes change can be refreshing and much needed. And other times, the winds of change can be painful and surprising.

Instead of focusing on a future I cannot see perfectly clear, I will choose to focus on what is currently in front of me. I cannot tell you exactly what will happen to me, or to you, or to the world, five years from now. But I CAN tell you what I will do right now. I am going to finish writing this blog post, click the “publish” button, close my computer, and respond, “Yes! I’d love to!” to the cute boy who just sent me a text. I can choose to live in the moment as much as possible, because here in this very second, the sun is shining, I am rocking my flare jeans, and everything is pretty dang great.

How do YOU deal with change?

Xo, Megs








Outfit Details:

Dress: Jcrew  | Sandals: Jcrew | Earrings: Jcrew

Hi babes! It’s been a long time since i’ve done a post. I have had the craziest, most amazing summer ever! (Post to come.)

Today, along with millions of other Americans, I had the privilege of watching the solar eclipse!! It was absolutely incredible! I feel so honored to have experienced a historic moment, first-hand. It is crazy to think that the next eclipse won’t happen for another 28 years! By that time i’ll be my parents age with kids of my own, who will be about my age right now! WEIRD! Today was nothing short of amazing.

In honor of the solar eclipse, here is a black and gold outfit that is ALMOST as stunning as what I witnessed today. As well as an out-of-this-world Jcrew sale. All dresses, shoes, and jewelry, are 30% off! Not only that, but all sale items are an ADDITIONAL 30% off! So do yourself a favor and head over to Jcrew to grab some late summer/pre-fall goodies!

Below are some of my faves.

Xo, Megs









All White Everything

Outfit Details:

Top: Madewell (under $20) | Skirt: Anthropologie (similar here | Shoes: Tory Burch (on major sale!) | Bag: Stole from my moms closet, similar here | Earrings: Jcrew | Bracelets: Nordstrom

Hiii everyone! Today’s post is coming to you from Dallas, Texas, where I’ve been living for the past month. I’m dancing with a contemporary company called, Soul Escape. It’s a dream and a very incredible blessing. I love it so much. One thing that I have learned indefinitely is that everyone has something special and unique to offer the world. I think we get so caught up in comparing ourselves and thinking that what we have to offer isn’t as good as someone else. But the truth is, we are all so different and blessed in different ways (thank goodness we aren’t all the same!). I am constantly trying to remind myself of that and want to remind ya’ll of that too. Don’t underestimate the love and power you have inside of you. It probably seems dumb hearing me say that as a “fashion blogger” but honestly, the only reason I really do this is because I genuinely want to make an impact on people. I want people to know that they are beautiful no matter what the world tells us. Yes I like clothes and getting dressed up/ putting outfits together is fun for me, but in the end who really cares? As cheesy as it is, it’s who we are on the inside that actually matters. How we dress is just a reflection of who we are and a fun way to express yourself.

Thanks for stopping by!


XO, Meg


Summer Time Lovin

Outfit Details:

Dress: Anthropologie – On Sale!! (loose fit w/ tight inner layer  – I ordered a Medium, if that helps anyone) | Shoes: Jcrew (favorites for this summer) | Bracelets & Earrings: Nordstrom

Early this morning (7:00 AM), I was interviewed for a segment on Park City Tv. I wore this dress and it was perfect. It’s summery, it twirls (an obvious plus), simple with unique details. Honestly, the dress speaks for itself. I paired it with these sandals for a more casual look but, am going to pair it with some nude pumps come July 7th, for my brothers Wedding Dinner. That’s why I am such a big fan of dresses – they can typically be dressed up or down and are perfect for the summer time heat. Dresses are my go to, and I think this one is my current fave.

Love you all,

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Xo, Meg








Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is one that I really look forward to each and every year! There are so many goodies (like this swimsuit I wore in Hawaii, also linked below) at such great price points, it can be hard to say no. I also think, it can be a little overwhelming because there are SO many great pieces. So, I put together a little gallery of my favorites. If you click the picture, it will take you directly to that item as well as the rest of the sale. Happy shopping & Happy Memorial Weekend!

Xo, Megs

NYC Travel Guide

When it comes to NYC, I’m a well versed travel guide, if I do say so myself. I’ve been going to NYC every summer since I was 10 for dance. Then, last Summer I got to live there for 4 months. Honestly, i’ve been more times than I can count, eaten at tons of incredible restaurants, seen hundreds of Broadway plays, and shopped and explored until my feet couldn’t stand it any longer. I love the city. The energy is enticing.

Anyways, I always have tons of people asking me for my travel recommendations so I decided to do a post about it. Here it is:


There are TONS of restaurants in NYC and a lot of them are good so it can be a little overwhelming so I put together a list of my favorites in each category, with a link to their website. From one foodie to the next:

Healthy, Fast, Fresh:

The Little Beet

Roast Kitchen

Dig Inn

Sweet Greens

Halal guys (or any street gyro)



Rosa Mexicano (You have to get the table side guacamole, it is to die for. Upper West Side)

El Centro (in Hells Kitchen)

Cafe Habana (in SoHo.. fave. Also amazing for brunch)


Sushi Samba (the specialty rolls and the tempera green beans are Unreal!!!)

Sweet Basil Thai

Momofuku Noodle Bar (and their Milk bar too, omg)

Fresh & Modern

Fig & Olive

Quality Meats (amazing. Get the corn creme brule & save room for dessert)


Madison Kayser (avocado toast)

Max Brenner (everything has some sort of chocolate in it. Might give you a heart attack.. but it is realllyyy good)

The Hummus Place (best hummus I have ever had)

Todd English Food Hall at the Plaza Hotel 


Ed’s Lobster Bar (SoHo. The lobster roll is heaven.)

The Mermaid Inn (fish tacos and mac & cheese are next level)


Pizzeria Sirenetta 

Patsy’s Pizzeria

NYC Big Slice (Flat Iron district, cheap and fast)

Sabas (Upper West Side. Cheap, quick)

Grimaldis (there is one under the Brooklyn Bridge & in the Chelsea area)







Sarabeth’s (coconut crusted waffle is heaven)

Norma’s (make sure to get a reservation. It is TO DIE FOR)

The Smith

Cafe Lalo (Where You’ve Got Mail was filmed. Amazing waffle and cinnamon whipped cream)

The Egg Shop (they don’t take reservation)

Juice Bars:

Pressed Juice (if you go to the Upper West one, they have their Freeze which is like healthy ice cream. to die for)

Juice Generation (peanut butter smoothie is UNREAL)

The Juice Shop (really good salads too)


Levain Bakery (a must. Their cookies are actual heaven)

Milk Bar 

Big Gay Ice-cream (In West Village. Go to Sushi Samba for dinner then this for dessert)

Magnolia Bakery (love their banana pudding/chocolate banana pudding)

– Van Leeuwen Ice cream

Petrossian Bakery (French bakery)


There is SO MUCH to do in NYC but these are a few of my favorite things to do!

 – Soho! Great shopping charming area

– 5th Ave/Rockefeller plaza

– Central Park

– Soul Cycle (favorite workout EVER)

– World Trade Center/ 9/11 memorial

– West Village (cute area to explore)

– Chelsea market (So fun. Great for lunch)

– Walk the Highline

– Sample sales on 125 5th Ave

– Metropolitan museum, Whitney museum, Guggenheim museum

– Time Square. Go to TKTS stand and get discount tickets for Broadway shows!!!

– Canal street

– Little Italy

– Flat iron district (go to Eataly and then walk around this area. Great shopping too!)

– Rockefeller- observation deck

– East Village massage (super cheap)

– Columbus circle

– Lincoln Center

– Central Park

– Brooklyn Bridge

Enjoy the exciting, crazy, fast paced, wonderful New York City!!!

Xo, Meg


Video by the amazing: Sidney Shanelle Studios 

Dance is my life. I eat, sleep, and breathe it. I have since before I can remember. To give you a little background, I started dancing when I was three years old in a small basement studio. My older sister was a dancer and I aspired to be just like her, in every aspect of life actually. I soon outgrew this little studio and my mom started me at what would be my second home for the next 16 years – The Dance Club. I started with Jazz, Ballet, and a tap class (which I hated at the time). Within a few years I jumped up to a team and started competing. This is when I started to take it more seriously. At 7 years old I was crying because I didn’t get a solo part or because I didn’t get to be front and center, haha (I’m 5’11 now, so you can imagine I was always pretty tall). Anyways, I won’t bore you with my life story but, after a few years I finally made the highest team, Company. I had worked so hard and couldn’t believe I had made it. For the next 7 years I lived at the studio. 2-10 everyday. I left straight from school, danced all day, went straight home to finish all my homework until about 2 am every night (I was a straight A student and my parents were troopers). I’ll be honest though, I was never the best one on my team, but man, I worked my butt off every single day because I wanted it, I wanted to be the best! I went to extra classes, took privates, spent extra hours trying to be the best I could possibly be. I traveled all over the place trying to get an “Outstanding Dancer” Scholarship – which I finally did.

Once I graduated High School, I got into BYU and auditioned for the highly prestigious, 16 time national champion dance team, Cougarettes. I was crazy skinny, tall, and frankly kind of awkward (as a dancer) and well, I didn’t make it. I was CRUSHED. My dream had fallen through. At the time, I thought nothing in the world could be so horrible. But, I swallowed my pride and spent my freshman year taking TONS of extra classes – ballet, jazz, pointe, ballet privates, adult classes, classes with my old company. I was determined that if I worked my absolute hardest and gave it everything I had (in all aspects of my life) that this would happen for me. And guess what?! It did!!! I made the team that next year and loved every second of it (despite my coach being brutally mean to me). The friends that I made will last a lifetime and the experiences had will shape me for the rest of my life. I then did the BYU Contemporary Company for a year and toured Southern California performing all over the place. Honestly, that’s when I realized how much I needed dance in my life. I had just broken up with someone and felt my heart had broken into a million pieces, Cougarettes didn’t go quite as I had planned, life was no where near where I had “planned” it to be (is it ever?)  but, when I danced, everything felt right again. As dramatic as this is, I know I was born to be on that stage. I live for it. I feel whole and happy when I am dancing. It’s a feeling I can’t begin to describe. It’s the place I can be most vulnerable and free. I seriously love it!

Okay, this is not to brag or be overly conceited or even dramatic, this is to tell each and every single one of you.. YOU CAN DO whatever you set your mind to. You can accomplish anything. When I watch this video, honestly, I am just so proud of myself. I’m so proud of how far I have come, and the battles I have faced to get here, yes I still have so much work to do, but for me, I am happy with where I am at. I have worked SO hard to get to this point. Like I said, I was never the best at my studio or even on Cougarettes, but, through hard work, consistent effort, the help of my teachers, parents, sister, and my Heavenly Father, I have achieved so many goals. So, to the girl who thinks she isn’t good enough or the person who thinks they can’t achieve a goal, I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN!!! You are good enough, you are smart enough, talented enough, YOU are enough, and you can accomplish anything! As the company I work for says, “The harder we work, the luckier we get”.

I love you all. I love my life. I love dance.



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