Transitions and Change

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a hard time with transition and change. For example- skinny jeans. When skinny jeans first began gaining popularity, I told my mom I would absolutely never wear them. Within six months all I wore was skinny jeans, and my old bootcut jeans were nowhere to be found.  More recently, I had similar feelings about flare starting to make its retro appearance again. I thought to myself, ‘Nope. No way. I will never.’ A few months later and here I am rocking them on the weekly and feeling fabulous and far-out. These jeans are my perfect transition piece going from summer fashion to now fall fashion. I struggle knowing what to wear in the early weeks of fall because even though the leaves are changing colors, it is still blazing hot outside. If I were to add a cardigan and scarf right now, it would be the end of because I would no longer be living. I am having the same problem as I am meticulously selecting outfits for my attendance to New York Fashion Week this Fall. Eeekk!  My not-yet-cooled-down Fall solution? A good pair of crop jeans. Bonus points if they are Madewell . They say, “Hello Fall, I love you,” without compromising your body temperature or sense of fashion.

Going back to the topic of change- I think the majority of people in this world do not whisper, “Everything to change,” as they blowout their birthday candles. Consistency is comfortable. Predictability is safe. Routine is easy. After three or four years of my life being steady and known, it is now changing. I expected it would, because they say, “change is the only constant in life.” But in my comfort, I had forgot just how uncomfortable change can be. Just when I sit back and relax into my routine, I get the rug pulled out from under me by the strong winds of change once again. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes change can be refreshing and much needed. And other times, the winds of change can be painful and surprising.

Instead of focusing on a future I cannot see perfectly clear, I will choose to focus on what is currently in front of me. I cannot tell you exactly what will happen to me, or to you, or to the world, five years from now. But I CAN tell you what I will do right now. I am going to finish writing this blog post, click the “publish” button, close my computer, and respond, “Yes! I’d love to!” to the cute boy who just sent me a text. I can choose to live in the moment as much as possible, because here in this very second, the sun is shining, I am rocking my flare jeans, and everything is pretty dang great.

How do YOU deal with change?

Xo, Megs







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