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Today was my LAST first day of school at Brigham Young University!! This morning I cried because i’m so sad it’s almost over and also because i’m excited and can’t believe the end is in sight. I’ve worked so hard, learned more about myself, life, and the things that really matter in the past 4 years, than ever before. I can honestly say, I am not the same girl I was when I first stepped foot on campus (and not just because i’m no longer 18 haha).  Which makes me super grateful.

Looking back, life seemed so easy, which is probably why people say to me, “enjoy these relatively care-free years of your life”. But, one more semester, and a study abroad later, I will be done with “those years”. It makes me nervous but also excited. Just like they say in Finding Neverland, why do we have to “grow up” and take life so seriously?  Why can’t life always be “relatively care-free” if we make it that way? It’s easier said than done. Especially because back when I first entered BYU the most important things to me were how cool people would think I was, would people want to be my friend? What would I major in, what and how many boys liked me, how many dates I went on, how well I did in my ballet class that day, and making sure I was hitting perfect pirouettes for Cougarettes. I’m not gonna lie, I still worry about those things but, 4 years later, I don’t care as much to impress people, or what anyone thinks of me. I love who I am and feel very confident in myself and my capabilities. I also try to take myself a little less seriously. Life is too short to be so stressed about what people think of you and how many people are gonna like you. Plus, if someone doesn’t like you, it is their problem, not yours! It’s so much more important to take into account how you make people feel, do you make others happier and more alive by being around you? Are you kind, loving, a hard worker, do you love yourself and others, are you happy? Do you twirl around in the mountains in a ruffle dress just because it makes you feel happy? (guilty). Those are the most important things in life and I feel very blessed to have learned that over the years at BYU. I’m proud to say, I am a much better person today than I was 4 years ago.  So, here is to growth, my last semester, giving my all, and making the rest of my life just as fun and “carefree” as it is now.

Go do yourself a favor, buy this dress, twirl around, and remind yourself that no matter how dark life may get or seem, it can always be made fun, “carefree”, and oh so happy. It is simply a choice. Choose happiness.


Xo Meg







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