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Dress: Aritzia (fave NYC find) | Shoes: Jeffery Campbell

Happy November all you lovelies! I love this month because it gives us the opportunity to reflect on all the beauty that life has to offer. Each day, for the entire month, I am going to say at least one thing I am grateful for.

Today, I am grateful for modern medicine.

If you read my last post you know one reason why I’ve been MIA, but another reason is because I’ve been having some pretty gnarly health issues. I’ve had terrible stomach problems for about 4 years now but lately, the problems have gotten a lot worse. Sometimes, they are so bad, that the only thing I can do is lay down on the couch with a heating pad, or if it’s really bad, fetal position. Dramatic, I know. But t’s super crazy to be honest. I have to miss class all the time because of pain, and also miss out on all the fun college things because I can barely function. My doctors can’t quite figure out what is wrong with me. But, they are doing their best and I think I’m on the uphill track. I can’t eat gluten, or any grains for that matter, definitely no sugar or dairy, and I try to stay away from most meats as they hurt my stomach. I rarely have an appetite, I can barely eat without feeling sick, which makes dance super hard (my number one passion) and despite this, I weigh more than I have ever weighed in my entire life. I’ve never had a problem with my weight until the last 6 or so months. It has been so crazy!! My hormones are whack.

However, I know what you are thinking, if they can’t figure out what is wrong with you, then why are you grateful for modern medicine? Well.. I have gone to a lot of different doctors over the years and have finally found a few that are willing to do all they can to help. I am so grateful for modern medicine, good doctors, and everyone that has helped lead me to this point. Also, if anyone has any advice, I would love to hear it. I love hearing from my readers and am truly grateful for all of your support. Hopefully soon, I will have some answers. Until then, just gotta keep trusting in my Heavenly Father and being oh so grateful for the amazing world in which we live.

Also grateful for Fabletics because it is amazing and the prices are incredible.



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