Painter Tee + Fresh Blooms

Painter Tee 
 + Fresh Blooms


Outfit Details: 
Top: Anthro (Similar and Under $100)
Jeans: J. Brand –my absolute favorite!!
Sandals: Sam Edelmen
Jewels: Nadri // Alex and Ani
Blooms: Whole Foods


There are 2 things you should all know about me.. 
1. I absolutely love Whole foods.. Actually any nice, clean and healthy grocery store.  Like it’s sort of a weird obsession. Don’t ask me why, but sometimes my love for grocery shopping and clothes shopping go hand in hand..  So naturally these flowers would be from there. 
2. I get a lot of joy and happiness when I see some pretty, fresh blooms. So i’m ‘casually’ holding some flowers for that very reason. 
Now that you know something new about me, Tell me something new about you!
Leave a comment below..
I want to know you all a little better!
Thanks for stopping by! 
P.S. Be sure to pick up some fresh blooms next time your at whole foods. They have been known to bring immense joy into your life;)
Xo Megs..

*photos by Jessa Kae
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