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Rag and Bone jeans and T-shirt, Urban Outfitters Jacket, New York CityRag and Bone high waisted jeans and t-shirt, Urban Outfitters jacket, flowers, New York Rag and Bone jeans, Urban outfitters pink jacket, Jcrew shoes, flowers, New YorkRag and Bone jeans, Hydrangeas, Urban Outfitters jacket, Jcrew shoesRag and Bone high waisted jeans. Rag and Bone T-shirt. Urban Outfitters Jacket. Central Park. New York City. Hydrangeas, White Rag and Bone T-shirt. Urban Outfitters pink jacket. blonde hair Rag and Bone light washed, high-waisted Jeans. Jcrew shoes. Rag and Bone white tee shirt. High waisted Rag and Bone jeans. Hydrangeas. Madison Square Park. New York City

Rag and Bone Top & Jeans (these jeans are my new obsession) | Urban Outfitters Jacket | Jcrew sandals (similar Fall version here)

This September I had the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week. This has been a lifelong dream of mine. I am beyond grateful that I finally had the opportunity to go! My, oh so talented, photographer, assistant, fellow New York obsessor, and best friend Macie  came along with me which made it even better. If i’m being honest, we had to try so hard to keep our cool and not act like giddy little girls. While at Fashion Week, we attended a few shows, some RewardStyle events, the Like to Know it party, and had some really exciting meetings.

Macie and I grew up together as dance sisters as well as shopping partners in crime.. we have issues, depending how you look at it. It felt surreal to now be going on work trips with her. It’s like I blinked and all of a sudden we were old enough to be doing something like this (I’ll talk more on fashion week later). We found some serious clothing gems out in the city and I can’t wait to share them with you. This outfit is the first.

After attending the RewardStyle penthouse party, we stopped by Rag and Bone to find these gorgeous high-waisted, light wash, pink stitched jeans. Mace and I died the second I put them on. But, once I Paired them with this white tee, we were sold. I couldn’t wait to put the whole outfit together and roam the city. As we head in to colder weather, add the jacket, maybe even a sweater, switch the shoes and you’d be good to go for the upcoming Fall season.

Although these are my new favorite jeans, I do realize they are a little spendy. So, I wanted to give you a few similar, less expensive versions here, here, here, and here


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