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My life as of late has been a little bit crazy.  I haven’t blogged in such a long time for that very reason (in case anyone was wondering why I’ve been MIA).  A lot has been changing and I’m not always sure how to handle it.  I am [supposed] to graduate from BYU this April, we will see if I make it.. HA.  I’m excited, nervous, scared, sad, and oh so happy all at the same time.  My time at my University has been life changing, I guess more like life defining (?), to say the least. Since being here at BYU I’ve had some of the greatest times, i.e. I lived in the dorms where I met some of the greatest people, I made the sixteen time national champion BYU dance team called Cougarettes where I worked my tail off, performed my heart out, and met the greatest group of “sisters” I could’ve ever imagined.  I Studied at the London Centre on a study abroad, performed on BYU’s Contemporary Dance Team, got to represent BYU while performing dance in many cities throughout the West Coast, I traveled through Europe on an art history and photography study abroad, I got into the BYU photography program, got to intern with an incredible fashion photographer in NYC, and have honestly gained the best education, friends, and lifelong knowledge.  Now, here I am, about to graduate and leave all those amazing experiences behind.  Up until now, my entire life has been planned out for me.  My future is sort of unknown, which is really scary and exciting at the same time!  Wish me luck as this crazy semester rolls on.  What an exciting time to be alive!

Love you all. Thanks for reading!



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