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Outfit Details:

Tee: Madewell | Cardigan: Madewell (on sale!) | Jeans: Joe’s | Sneakers: Madewell by New Balance

Don’t you just love a good, chill, outfit? Literally so clutch. And honestly, no one does it better than Madewell. I love the vibes with a good madewell styled outfit (like this one). Let’s be honest, Madewell is life. A lot of times I post more dressy outfits, which honestly are my faves (I’ve never grown out of the dress up phase). But, in reality I dress like this more often than not because my days are usually spent walking around campus going from class to class, to dance, and then back to class. And a pony, comfy tee, sweater and some sneakers are where it’s at.

PS. there is an UNREAL SALE via Kate Spade Surprise

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Hump Day!

Xo Megs

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