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 I FIIINALLYYYY got around to posting the video I made of my Study Abroad to Europe last Summer. The trip (I mean studies) were an absolute DREAM! We went to Paris, Belgium, London, Slovenia, Italy, and Greece. Two of my very best friends from Cougarettes and I went together, which was a dream in and of itself, AND we were lucky enough to meet the greatest group of people ever. I got to live with these two beauties along with 32 other amazing BYU students and faculty for 6 weeks all around Europe. We ate (A LOT), toured the most enriching historical sites and museums, studied a lot of art history and photography, ate, shopped a lot, laughed till we cried (everyday), ate, explored the most beautiful areas, and ate.. Did I say that we ate? We literally ate so much food everyday, we would spend everyday looking for the best pasta, best gelato, sandwich, etc. Not even lying sometimes it was so good it would bring us to tears. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is…

 Anyways, here is the vid I made that gives you the best idea of a good times. For travel recommendations and pictures, stay tuned.


Xo Megs

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