Anthro Chic

Outfit Details: 
Dress: Anthropologie 
Sandals: Nordstrom
Jewels: Rocksbox (use code chestnuthillxoxo at checkout)
Hello all! I am currently in Europe doing an Art History and Photography study abroad. I am seeing and studying some of the most beautiful and amazing things I have ever seen. This tunic dress has been on repeat while I’ve been abroad because of it’s effortless, (comfortable) yet chic look. If you haven’t already noticed, I love a good summer dress- A staple in my closet. Also, these sandals are my latest find and I couldn’t be more obsessed.  You’ll be seeing them on repeat as well.
I will be posting pictures soon of my European adventure! But to follow my day to day ventures, follow @megricks in Instagram!
Xo Megs…
*Photos by Jessa Kae

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